Week 2: August 17-23

What happens?

This week lets you challenge yourself as you travel to Algonquin Park for a five-day camping and canoeing trip. The accommodations provide a spectacular view of God’s creation. The week in the park gives a practical component to Upward Bound, as we share burdens and experience the blessings of God together. There is also ample time for personal reflection. This is a wonderful time for Bible sessions, personal meditations and testimonies.

What will I need?

Departure for the camping trip is immediately after breakfast on the middle Sunday and we return to Waterloo on the following Friday for a time of unpacking and clean up.

All the necessary camping gear is provided except for sleeping bags and personal items. However, if you have some good gear, bring it along and it may be able to be used. Light packing is essential so you will not need to bring something for every social occasion that occurs on the trip. Here are the suggested items and their number:

  • Shoes (1 Pair),
  • Sandals/Flip Flops (1 Pair),
  • Sweat pants (2),
  • Shorts (2),
  • Socks (4),
  • Swim suit (1),
  • Towel (1),
  • T-shirts (3),
  • Long Sleeved Shirt (1),
  • Warm Jacket (1),
  • Rain Poncho/Jacket (1),
  • Underwear (1…ok 2)

There are also some discretionary suggestions in the next paragraph. Please note the comments about rain and cold nights. For those who have been there for Week One, any clothes and personal effects you do not take along will be left behind in a safe place for the week and will be picked up when we return.

A few special notes. Jeans are not recommended for the trip as they take a long time to dry out and believe it or not, there is a good chance you may get wet at some point – sweat pants work best. Wool socks are excellent for warmth.

The things you bring will take a beating so it is best to leave anything you may not be able to use again – forever – behind. Remember that we will be dealing with temperature and weather extremes. It is often quite hot during the day but can cool considerably at night and we almost always experience some rain. Discretionary items include – cameras, sunhats, sunblock, sunglasses, bug spray (not as bad as you might think but there are still a few around) and also a toque for sleeping at night (helps keep your head warm).

Some people pack an older Bible as everything that is packed takes some level of abuse. We buy breakfast when we exit the Park so a little bit of money is necessary. There is also an interesting outfitting and portage store where we get our gear. You may wish to purchase something there too.

For those who want to explore a little bit about Algonquin Park here is a link: Algonquin Park. For those who want to see where they will be going you can explore the following Park Map. Our access point is Canoe Lake. We travel to Big Trout Lake and spend about 3 days there. We follow the route that goes via the Joe Lakes, Burnt Island Lake and the Otterslide Lakes.


We will coordinate transportation to the Park from Wilfrid Laurier University the day before the canoe trip. We put in at Canoe Lake by the Portage Store in Algonquin Park and don’t return for five days.


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