Week 1: August 11-17

What Happens?

The activities of the first week are designed to promote a time of growth and restoration in an individual’s relationship with Jesus Christ. Time is spent each day being taught practical truths from the Word of God, topics being specifically chosen to be relevant and focused on the needs of every Christian to live in the face of life’s challenges. The relaxed environment provides the opportunity for deeper interaction with the speakers and further bible study. A hands-on ‘How to Study your Bible’ session is also available during this week.

As well as the daily seminars, there are many other recreational activities to enjoy during the week. Attendees have the opportunity to meet and interact with Christians from all over the world. The fellowship with each other is always encouraging and each year, lasting friendships are formed among those who attend.

What will I need?

Attendees are billeted with two person rooms containing two single beds. If you have a friend that you cannot bear to be parted from, please let us know and we will try and billet you together – stuffed animals do not count. The university provides bedding and towels, although their towels lack that certain luxuriousness you may be used to, so you might want to bring your own – for those going to Week Two in Algonquin Park, you’ll need your own towel anyway.

The dress code for the first week is informal. The rooms where sessions are held are air-conditioned and some have found sweaters useful in the past. Sadly the residence is not air-conditioned and generally the weather is quite warm, so clothing suitable for warm temperatures usually is needful – perhaps even a fan for your room at night.

A number of sporting activities are held during the week and the university’s athletic complex is available for use, so suitable clothing and gear is necessary. There is a pool at WLU, so if you wish to swim, make sure you bring a bathing costume. The only other apparel items to take note of are if you are coming early on Sunday and joining us at the local church, you may want to bring something a little more formal for those meetings – it’s up to you. We have a closing program on our last night, on the Friday after the camping trip, and some people dress up for that. Again, it is up to you.

You’ll of course need your Bible, and a notebook is recommended. A binder will be provided with all of the speakers’ outlines.


The first week is facilitated on the Wilfred Laurier University campus in Waterloo, Ontario. Permanent parking is available near the residence in the white zone by the soccer field. Parking permits are available on arrival.

Arriving Early

If you will be in Waterloo for Week One on Saturday, August 10 because of travel arrangements and you are looking for a place to stay, we can let you into your room at the University a day early for a small fee of $20.  Just let us know.


Register Now

If you are already ready to take on the challenge then simple click the button to be taken to our contact page, or you could continue to Week 2's page to find out all the details.